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29. September 2015
Improv – the playful approach
4. October 2015

Bobby McFerrin circlesongs talk

From 1997-2008 Bobby McFerrin was touring the world with his ensemble Voicestra making 2 hour long improvised concerts for concert hall audiences. The music was based on the style of circle singing, in which McFerrin, the inspired creator, flowed music out of his mind and made up parts for the ensemble on the spot. Kristian Skårhøj did his master thesis on these concerts, and joined McFerrin and the group in the US as a musicologist while they did their last tour in 2008. From the base of 150 pages transcriptions and numerous hours of Bobby McFerrins spontaneous music in his ears, Kristian gives a talk about what circlesongs are and why Bobby McFerrin seems to be able to make this concept captive for an audience – and not only for the rehearsal room. The talk will include original – never released – concert material and analysis of Bobby McFerrins ingenuity.